With the exception of the Executive Director and Office Manager, La Crosse Area Veterans Mentor Program, Inc. (“LAVMP”) is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. LAVMP is a tax-exempt Wisconsin nonprofit corporation. LAVMP is dedicated to mentoring and supporting Veterans with behavioral health, substance use, physical and other challenges who are either involved in the criminal justice system or otherwise struggling with marriage, family, employment, housing and other issues. Our vision is to help such Veterans return to civilian life as productive citizens.

LAVMP’S Board of Trustees, Leadership and Staff.

  1. Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Garrett Hebel


Peder Arneson
Hon. Todd W. Bjerke, LAVC Judge
Dennis McDonnell, M.D.
Gary Uting

  1. Officers

President: Garret Hebel

Secretary and Treasurer: Gary Uting

  1. Executive Leadership and Office Staff

 Executive Director: Barb Nimmer

Office Manager: Neva Sallie